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A hit song from Niliflash and his friend about way forward to progressing into success not to mind your enemies, the love in music and for family, friends


Man like lion, strong like iron, anyway that I enter they ma ask if I come from Zion(2*)

(De'skopee, Niliflash, Nifizy)
Shebi u want know where I come from, (where I come from) shey na you de follow tell de guys say me I be bad boy(2*)
Shebi u want know where I come, shey na you de follow tell my guys say this top king na bad boy (say I be bad boy)

      1st verse
Right now am standing in the studio
I sing songs oya play it on the stereo
If you no get make u wait on the radio
Coz right now Ama drop you the video (nili)
Bad girl stand still and be steady oo
You just de whine sha this one no be steering oo
Omo forget bad girl u no fit kill me oo
Coz am coming, am strong and am steady oo
See Everything I sing na for mama
Every song wei I drop na my fans sup
Everything wei I do; for my progress
Me I no de mind anything wei u de talk oo



One love, all I need is one love, baby all I need is one love, one love
everywhere I enter all I need is one love, baby girl pls gimme gimme one love, everywhere I enter baby girl I need this one love, one love ye

      2nd verse
For this zhanga wei I dey bad man de fight me, ignore me again
See them de fight me, de'skopee number one. De girls den de love me why why eh
(Kome kin mat a pal Isam teh I mat izu Kat
Mi ring nnap ki chiphar animo nba peh isu kat
Unim aru teh I Wong Isat animo mba peh I timkat
Iza kanga bu lung mi ya?) 
Me! I no de send bad people
Yeah every night and day I hustle I make sure I move from place to place coz am always trying to get my daily bread
So why you fighting me oh my enemies



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