Wavitude is an online network where music artistes and podcasters can stream their audio and engage their fans. Let your fans download your work for free or have them support your work by paying for it before they can download it.

With Wavitude, you can embed your songs or podcasts on your website or even share it on Social Media. Wavitude is heavily optimized for the Search Engines, making it easy for people to find your song when they search for it. 

How It Works

Uploading your song on Wavitude is free; however you can't sell your songs if your account is on the free plan; your fans can download your song for free.

If you subscribe to our Pro plan, you will now have access to more Wavitude tools which includes being able to set a price on your song before download plus access to more statistics. On the Pro plan, your fans will be able to listen to your audio for 30seconds then they will now be presented with an option to pay to download it.

Subscribing to the Pro plan also enables us to promote your music on thousands of websites via NG Adverts - our official marketing partner.


We charge 15% of every paid download while artistes keep 85% of the sales.

Extra Promotion

To have your music promoted on other websites, contact us via our YuSocial page for our rates - https://www.yusocial.com/wavitude

Earnings Withdrawal

Artistes will be eligible to withdraw their earnings when they have accrued a minimum of $30.

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